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Double your pleasure. Open your heart.
Harness your sexual power and energy — in life, love, and bed


Dr. Reuveni’s 3-evening Orgasmic Yoga Workshop, COSPONSORED by Sex Positive Sacramento.

Limited Spots Available — Reserve Now!

ANYONE can learn Orgasmic Yoga!
Any relationship style
Any age (18+)
Any orientation
Any gender

Read on to find out about this cutting edge training that will teach you:
• a deeper love of your own body
• how to have more orgasms
• a new understanding of your own sexual responses
• how to be a better lover to your partner(s)
• methods to have stronger orgasms
• tools to keep your sexuality simmering and ready for use—in bed or life
• ideas for how to keep your creativity flowing and stress at bay

Meet Dr. Reuveni—Doctor of Human Sexuality, BA Psych, and certified Sexological Body Worker

Dr. Reuveni has helped hundreds of people learn how to be comfortable with their sexuality, develop their sexual skills, and heal their emotional trauma around sex. She’s studied and trained in many sexual modalities, making her an expert teacher, trainer, and facilitator. Providing a safe container so people can explore their solo erotisicm is her life’s passion.

"Dr. Reuveni is awesome and amazing. I love the incredible ease, and yet complex depth of her approach. She brings deep respect, original approaches, and lightens the work with humor. Love working with her!" –Tara, student of Dr. Reuveni

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D, began developing Orgasmic Yoga over 25 years ago. He says Orgasmic Yoga is ”… a form of erotic yoga that involves pleasurable, intimate, and transformative practices that individuals, couples, and groups can do while sexually aroused.” Dr. Reuveni has been able to learn and practice with Dr. Kramer himself, as have hundreds—thousands—of students over the years.

BUT…You Don’t Have to Be Nude or Aroused!

All of Dr. Reuveni’s courses focus on the comfort level of each person. You are never pushed to do anything you are uncomfortable with. Orgasmic Yoga will teach you how to become more in tune with your body, your breath, your sexuality, your pleasure. Dr. Reuveni will guide you through the coursework and you participate as you choose. Many people practice the lessons from class in the privacy of their own home. You go at your own pace. Always.

“Clearing the space in your life to learn your own sexual voice can change how you understand, express and enjoy your sexuality.”—Huffington Post, How To Reclaim Your Sexual Voice Through Orgasmic Yoga by Pamela Madsen

You Don’t Have to Be Into Yoga

You don’t have to be flexible or physically fit to benefit from Orgasmic Yoga. Dr. Reuveni teaches body acceptance and self-love. All you need to be able to do is get comfortable, close your eyes, listen, and accept. That’s it. In class you will use breath, movement, sound, touch, and dance under Dr. Reuveni’s guidance.

“…you will be transformed and your body, heart and soul will sing.”—Dr. Martha Lee, on Orgasmic Yoga

Small Intimate Group

One of the great benefits of a workshop with several days in a row is the chance to accept and be accepted for who you are. You will be able to grow in the energy of a small group committed to opening their hearts, learning about their bodies and pleasure, and deepening their understanding of sexuality. Not just anyone can sign up for this program. Before being accepted, you will have a discussion with Dr. Reuveni. Participants who are not a good fit are not accepted. To ensure she can give everyone personal attention, Dr. Reuveni limits the group to a maximum of 24 students.

“I would highly recommend this offering to anyone who is ready to take a deeper look into their own sexuality. It was fantastic!!" A.T.—student of Orgasmic Yoga and Dr. Reuveni.


Friday June 10 thru Sunday June 12
7:30-10:00 pm
Sacramento, CA

Your first email to Dr. Reuveni will start you on the path to better sexual understanding, more pleasure, and better connection with your partner. After you both agree Orgasmic Yoga is right for you, your fully refundable course fee is required to hold your place.

Each class is 2.5 hours in length, total instruction time 7.5 hours.

Dr. Reuveni believes in the value of Orgasmic Yoga and what it can do for you. If after your first class you decide it isn’t right for you, she will refund your full tuition, no questions asked.

Dr. Reuveni will be there every step of the way. She is available to you by email for any questions, concerns, or support—during the course and after as you start your daily practice.

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A regular yoga class can cost you about $15 an hour in Sacramento. Orgasmic Yoga, and all it can do for you, won’t cost you anywhere near that.

Your tuition includes:

-three evenings of small group instruction
-one-on-one support in class from Dr. Reuveni as needed
-email support from Dr. Reuveni for as long as you need it
-take home exercises to deepen your learning

If after your first class, you decide it isn’t right for you, your tuition will be refunded.

All this for less than $12 an hour!

And it costs you nothing to get started. You only pay after Dr. Reuveni accepts you.

Only $89*!

Yes, only $89 for a life changing, heart opening, soul-transforming journey.
One that will lead you to better sex, better understanding, a better life.

Dr. Reuveni wants everyone to be able to take this training.
If cost is an issue for you, please inquire about the sliding scale pay option.

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*Not including PayPal Processing Fees
Total ticket price with fees: $91.97.