about sex positive Sacramento

our mission

To bring sex positivity and sexual justice to Sacramento.

why sexual justice matters

Sex Positive Sacramento provides spaces and services rooted in our values: sexual justice; consent; access to medically accurate information; empowerment; pleasure; respect; safe spaces; competence in pride acceptance for diversity of bodies and experiences; and confidentiality.

Sexual justice is a philosophy and practice that recognizes sexuality related inequality and harm, and seeks to address and prevent, at the individual, relationship, community, and societal/cultural level.  This perspective is always at the core of our work. 

Currently we live in a rape culture, which “normalizes and glorifies sexualized violence, creating a sense of entitlement to other people’s physical, emotional and sexual selves without consent" (anti.violence.project).  We work toward creating a culture of consent, in which people's bodies, sexual identities, experiences, and choices are respected.  Sexual justice is closely tied to consent culture.

As sex educators and sex positive professionals, we sexual justice and consent culture from an intersectional approach.  We take social, economic and other issues - i.e., a whole person/community/culture approach - into consideration when addressing issues of sexuality, be it in an individual consultation or a large-scale training. 

who we are

Photo credit: Raj Bandyopadhyay

Photo credit: Raj Bandyopadhyay

Heather Woodford, she/her prounouns, is a licensed clinical social worker (LCS 86979) and SFSI-certified sex educator. She teaches sexuality and social work classes for general and professional audiences, and provides therapy for individuals around sexuality, relationships, and gender. Her thesis project, published in 2013, examined the relationship between happiness and sex positivity in sex education.  She has worked as a counselor and supervisor at the Gender Health Center. Email Heather to set up a workshop, training, or consultation.



Photo credit:  Judah Kelly

Photo credit: Judah Kelly

Trevor Gjeltema, LMFT #98542, is a therapist and a sex educator. Trevor has presented workshops for several audiences, from college students to mental health and social services professionals, and works with youth in crisis.



Louise Head, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Louise is a queer, femme writer, sex educator, and associate marriage and family therapist. She believes that fact-based sex and relationship education is a human right. We all deserve to explore our bodies, intimacy, and desire with awareness and consent. Through both her writing and her therapy, Louise is committed to helping individuals achieve a more fulfilling and conscious sexuality. Louise is a regular contributor to The Spot, Sacrament'o’s sex positive blog.


Stacey Swimme

Stacey is Co-founder of Sacramento Sex Workers Outreach Project (SacSWOP) draws her expertise on the sex industry from sixteen years of sex work and twelve years of political advocacy for sex workers. She’s co-founded two major advocacy organizations in the US and has worked in development and communications at the nation’s first health clinic for sex workers. Stacey is a formidable spokesperson for the industry and has been featured in several prime time television and radio interviews as well as in print and Internet outlets. With fearless honesty, Stacey discusses her experiences working in all aspects of the adult industries to help illuminate the hidden truths so often masked by fear and stigma.

Her innovative approach to community organizing has helped expand a nationwide network of thousands of sex workers and advocates who believe in a rights-based approach to policy making. Stacey utilizes horizontal organizing principles that have empowered sex workers to be the leaders in the movement toward civil, labor and human rights.

Shalimar Boulos holds a BS in Psychology with a minor in Sexuality Studies, from UC Davis. She is currently attending San Diego State University for a dual Master's program in Social Work and Public Health.  She teaches workshops on safer sex play and sex toy care.  Her passion is in learning and educating more about the kink/BDSM and polyamorous communities.

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