Sex education shouldn't end after high school. 

We have the information you wish you would have gotten in school to improve your knowledge, your relationships, and your work with clients.


Workshops, Classes, and Lectures

Have a class, club, or organization that needs a more in-depth and medically accurate understanding of sex, sexuality or sexual health? Would you like to start a conversation about consent, intimate communication, or responsible personal exploration? Is there an aspect of sexuality you know you need to know more about for your work or project?

Sex Positive Sacramento provides in-person events and trainings to suit your personal and professional development. We provide classes at community colleges and universities, as well as trainings for local mental health agencies. We would love to come and talk to you. 

We cover a variety on topics for professional and general audiences, including:

  • Sex Ed 2.0: What You Wish You Had Learned in School
  • Birds Bees and Therapy: Skillful Conversations with Clients Around Sexuality
  • Rethinking "The Talk": Talking With Your Child or Teen About Sex & Sexuality

Additional topics include: Sexuality and Sexual Health; Consent and Intimate Communication; Exploring and Improving Intimacy; Professional Work and Cultural Competency with Sexuality, Relationship and Gender Minorities; Selecting Quality Sex Toys You'll Love for Personal Exploration... and more.

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personalized sex education consulting

Get the medically accurate, confidential, nonjudgmental answers you deserve to your questions about sexuality.  Private sessions available to answer questions or for consulting about work with clients.



We provide one on one individualized education and consulting via phone or internet. 

For Professionals: 

  • Cultural competency with sexuality, relationship and gender minorities
  • Bringing sex positivity into your professional work
  • Therapeutic practice with poly clients
  • Working with kinky clients, and understanding the difference between consensual play and abuse
  • Understanding and effectively serving clients currently and formerly involved in the sex trades

For Parents and Caretakers: 

  • Sex-positive parenting
  • Avoiding shame and blame with youth exploring their sexuality
  • "The Talk": tools for medically accurate, non-judgmental conversations about sex that will help your teen make empowered choices

For Teens

  • Sex Ed 2.0
  • Consent and communication: the empowered "no" and the empowered "yes"; setting and respect boundaries
  • Supporting friends and family in their exploration and evolution of sexual identity
  • Contraception, STI's and safer sex

For General Audiences

  • Sex Ed refresher, Brush up on medically accurate sex information
  • I'm not who I thought I was: exploring changing and evolving sexual identity
  • Spicing things up, exploring new things and finding resources for further exploration
  • Mindful approach to intimacy and connection
  • How do I ask for what I want?


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