• Private Residence (map)
  • Email sexpositivesacramento@gmail.com for address
  • Sacramento, CA

Interested in connecting with like-minded professionals?
Want to meet folks you can refer your clients and friends to, without fear of judgment?

Wish you knew more people who shared your values?

Please join us for light snacks and drinks at this private networking event. Special guest health educator Mineh Dee will give a brief talk on experiences and issues of the multisexual community. Check out the event on Facebook here and Meetup here. Please email us at SexPositiveSacramento@gmail.com for the address. 

Who is a sex positive professional?
Any person who believes that sexuality has the potential to be good, healthy, and enriching, and wants to bring this perspective into their work. 

We are the Sacramento community's premiere resource for sex positive professional development!