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For the second year running, join Sex Positive Sacramento in communal Orgasmic Yoga! This solo-erotic practice incorporates conscious breath, movement, sound, touch, placement of attention and setting of intentions to weave into self pleasuring practices. A range of options is open to attendees who are looking to explore and take the scenic route to discover solo pleasure without having to reciprocate.

Orgasmic Yoga's focus is not on having orgasms or on traditional, coordinated yoga poses, rather it encourages spreading of erotic energy head to toe and everywhere in between in a very loosely guided, mostly self guided communal space. Gentle suggestions are given throughout the practice with invitations to move in various ways, or to explore different kinds of touch on oft ignored body parts.

There is time for chatting before and after the practice so as to foster community and create a welcoming space that encourages sharing and vulnerability.

Dr Victoria Reuveni DHS, CSB, is a Los Angeles-based Certified Sexological Bodyworker and has facilitated over thirty Orgasmic Yoga circles.

Join us June 22-24!
Apply here: bit.ly/OYogaApp